What We Do


We gather information about plans to build on, or significantly alter, any aspect of the countryside, and if appropriate, opposes those plans. If considered to be bad from a conservationist and sustainable development point of view, they will be opposed by any lawful means. The Society has been represented at, and made representation to, a number of planning inquiries and the local and structure plans that affect our area.

The Society looks for opportunities to take positive action to improve our area, and will consider grants to other bodies as well. Recent examples include the Horse Trough in Higham and ponds at Frog Island, Upnor and Sharnal Street.

The Society provides information about the beauties and interest of the area - both past and present. This can
open a whole new field of enjoyment and help people to become fond of their countryside and wish to protect

The Society publishes a quarterly newsletter which contains news-and-views, forthcoming events, and articles about the area.

Among the practical things members may take part in are:
  • Walking, Marking and clearing footpaths
  • Tree-planting and tidying up eyesores and dumped litter
  • Educational and social events, such as exhibitions, talks to schools and community groups, film shows and
  • social events such as barbeques and turkey suppers.
  • Keeping a keen eye open for anything wrong or threatening in the area.
  • We welcome any suggestions you may have to further our aims and objectives

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